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Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides

Posted on August 23 2013

Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides

Many women have a difficult time finding a dress which suits their specific body type. Even someone with a perfect figure may find something to dislike, and wedding dress shopping can become frustrating if you focus on these points. Some petite women especially feel stressed shopping for a dress, sincewedding gowns may seem to overwhelm small frames. Choosing a couture dress that is made especially for you is a great option if you have a petite build. But how do you choose the perfect dress style?

Most brides opt for a long wedding gown, but there are a number of short styles that work well for petite frames. A petite frame is one of the few body types that can actually get away with a mini skirt, so this should be at least considered if you fall into this category. You may not want to go that short on your wedding day, and if you do not that should be fine as well.

Do not limit yourself though by thinking that a long dress is the best idea. If you opt for dress choices that are shorter, you will have longer looking legs. This is a great visual trick for those who are lucky enough to be petite. Several ribbon dropped waist sleeveless halter zipper wedding dressdress styles fall into this category; ones which hit above the knee but still look very formal.

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